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Heli-Tours Services

Real Estate, Aerial Surveys, and Aerial Photography

Heli-Tours | Orlando offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast experience in aviation and corporate networking. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource in our unique helicopter tours. Listed below are the Florida aerial services we offer all our clients. If there are other services that you require and do not see listed below, then please contact Orlando Heli-Tours for more information today.

Real Estate and Aerial Surveys

Observation from the air gives a new dimension of the target, often allowing encroachments or degradations to be spotted that would have proved impossible from the ground.

We have many years of experience in aerial observation in a number of ways, including observation with the human eye by trained aerial observers, and observation via survey equipment such as thermal imaging, infrared, and digital photography.

Our real estate surveys helicopter tours allow you to view many residential and commercial sites in a short period of time. You can use the helicopter tour to show your clients the proximity of the neighborhood that they are interested in, including schools, shopping, and public services.

helicopter flying over field

Aerial Photography

It’s as simple as telling us the area that you want photographs of, and we’ll do the rest. Depending upon the location you’re interested in and your budget, you can fly in one of our helicopters with a professional photographer, make sure the shots are taken to your exact requirements and have the results sent to you.

Additionally, you can let us know where you’d like to fly to take pictures of your own, and we’ll happily take you there.

We specialize in helicopter tours of industrial sites, commercial properties, residential properties, farmland, and general landmarks throughout Florida. Contact Orlando Heli-Tours today!